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    Digitalisation and optimisation of processes with applications built with Power Apps
    If you are looking for a powerful solution to bring your business to the digital era, then you have reached the right place.
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    What are Power Apps?

    Power Apps are a suite of Canvas or Model Driven type apps and Power Pages portals that can be easily implemented and modelled into customized applications. Whether you need an application to simplify team tasks, monitor HR processes or manage customer data, Power Apps allows you to bring digital concepts to life.

    Canvas Apps

    Canvas Applications offer a flexible and focused on design approach, allowing users to create applications starting from the concept of “drawing on canvas.”

    Model-Driven Apps

    Model-Driven applications are based on a structured data model, offering a guided approach for development. It is a type of application suited for managing complex data on enterprise level.

    Power Pages

    Power Pages extend Power Apps functionality for external users, such as customers or partners, allowing them to interact with the organization.

    Power App Benefits


    Power Apps combines programming languages with a visual interface that enables implementation, which reduces the time needed for development.

    Mobile Applications

    Develop stable mobile applications, customized for iOS and Android, so that your team can work from any device, from anywhere.

    Easy to integrate

    Applications are natively integrated with other applications and services, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or Dynamics 365.

    Data Security

    Power Apps uses security models based on roles that can be configured to ensure data security both internally as well as outside the organization.

    Simple and fast implementation

    Stadler & Partners can help you quickly build applications that are adapted to your business needs. We can also provide you with support and assistance as your applications are being developed and your business needs grow.

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    Power Apps

    Examples of applications

    techny supply chain management and distribution
    Stock Management

    Create an application to monitor the inventory. Monitor stock levels, orders and manage the supplies efficiently.

    techny financial growth 1
    Expense tracking

    Applications for budget control. You can easily track the expenses of various departments and you can analyze how the resources have been spent.

    techny feedback
    Customer Feedback

    Build an application that helps you to collect your customers’ feedback to improve your products and services.

    techny event
    Events Registration

    A platform for registration of participants to events. Collect necessary information and manage participants lists.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Macbook Air Mockup Stadler
    What benefits do Power Apps bring to my business?

    Power Apps allows fast development of customized software applications in a low-code system. These make processes efficient, improve productivity and help you to create quick solutions tailored to your needs.

    What type of applications can I build with Power Apps?

    With Power Apps, you can create a diverse range of applications, such as input and data management tools, websites, services portals for customers, inventory monitoring systems, survey, and feedback forms as well approval flows.

    How much do Power Apps cost?

    Power Apps offer various price plans, including a free plan with limited functionalities. For advanced functionalities and a higher degree of use, you can choose between price plans per User or per Application, each with a different price structure based on the application use and organizational requirements.

    How much does it take to develop an application with Power Apps?

    The development of simple applications with Power Apps can take from a few days to a few weeks. More complex applications can take a few months or even years to be developed. A simple application for feedback collection from clients can be developed in less than a month, while a customized application for the management of sales flows can take a year.

    Are Power Apps suitable for small enterprises as well?

    Power Apps are suitable both for small enterprises as well as for large enterprises. Scalability, flexibility, and the range of characteristics make it adaptable to the needs and sizes specific to different organizations.

    Do you have a business process that requires digitalization?

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