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    Business data analysis with Power BI
    Take quick and informed decisions regarding acquisitions, sales, cash-flow, stocks or prices with the help of reports, charts and simulations, analyses and dashboards implemented with Power BI technology.
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    What is Power BI?

    Power BI is a Business Intelligence service in cloud that offers a unified view on data from multiple sources, so that the companies are able to easily identify trends and be able to analyse different segments of activity and processes. The service offers interactive views and dashboards to enable easy inspection of data. With over 270 connectors for different data sources, it integrates perfectly with existent systems, allowing a quicker development of reports. The configuration of Power BI dashboards is based on simple interogation methods and quick implementations, simplifying reports generation and allowing data export in formats such as PDF and Excel.

    What are the advantages of Power BI?

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    Interactive dashboards

    You can create interactive dashboards for any business domain, from sales to marketing and customer service, suitable for an overview, onkey values and KPIs.

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    Charts and views

    Power BI allows an extensive list of charts and display formats in order to highlight data in the most efficient way. Along with included views you can opt for quick installation of solutions offered by third parties by means of AppSource.

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    Artificial intelligence

    Power BI llows a series of functions based on artificial intelligence that can help you identify trends, to predict results and to detect potential anomalies in data structure.

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    Intuitive interface

    Power BI offers contextual menus and toolbars that allow users advanced filtering, detailing options or data concatenation simply just one click away.

    Power BI Benefits

    Unifies data

    Create data sets from multiple sources and add them in an OneLake data center to create a unique source for report generation.

    Encourages collaboration

    Power BI allows sharing reports and dashboards between departments. This helps promote a data-based culture inside an organisation.

    Easy to integrate

    A Power BI report can be easily included in the other Microsoft services, such as Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 or Power Apps.

    Data security

    Power BI stores data in a differentiated way, keeping information in Azure Blob Storage and metadata and applications in Azure SQL Database.

    Our Promise

    Stadler & Partners can help you create and implement Power BI generated reports that can help you take better decisions for your business. We offer continuous assistance and support to assure you that the systems built with Power BI are up-to-date and operate at maximum capacity.

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    What is the difference between the Power BI versions?

    Choose the suitable product version for your organization

    Features Power BI Desktop Power BI Pro Power BI Premium
    Included in Microsot 365 E5
    Per user licenses
    Reports sharing
    Export to CSV, PDF, XLS formats
    Embed reports in other applications
    Microsoft Fabric access

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are the benefits of Power BI for my business?

    Power BI allows a complete analysis of operational data, facilitating thouroghly documented decisional processes Improves operational efficiency by simplified exposure of statistics, promotes collaboration and helps increase service standards in any organisation, regardless of industry.

    What is the difference as opposed to Excel?

    Power BI is a data analysis platform that was designed to work with huge volumes of data. It offers a variety of descriptive analysis techniques, statistical analysis and predictive analysis and allows interaction with data, much more detailed than that offered by Excel files.

    How much does Power BI cost?

    There are three licensing types for Power BI per user: Desktop (free), Pro and Premium.

    The license type that a user needs is established based on the place where the data are being stored, the way in which users will interact with those data and if these data need Premium functionalities.

    Can I connect Power BI to data sources that are not Microsoft-related?

    In order to connect Power BI to a data source that is built on another technology than Microsoft, you need to use a connector. Connectors are available for the majority data sources like Amazon, SAP Hana, Google Analytics or Redshift. These connectors can be found in the Power BI connectors library.

    Is Power BI suitable also for small enterprises?

    Power BI is a powerful and versatile business intelligence (BI tool) that can help companies of all sizes to take decisions based on data. It is a very accessible BI tool, the free version of it can be intended for small enterprises that are at the beginning of their digitalisation journey.

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