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    Annual Support & Maintenance Packages (Microsoft 365)

    Organise working with files, collaborate and communicate effectively, team up from anywhere you might be

    Increase the use of Microsoft 365 / technology platforms in your daily activity

    Train your users, archive and classify digital information, automate business workflows. Add new features to your apps and deliver change requests

    Supported technology stack: Microsoft 365 (SharePoint Online, Purview, Teams etc.), Dynamics 365 (Sales, Service, Marketing Insights etc.), Power Platform (Apps, Automate, Power BI), UiPath RPA, custom development

    Specialised technical assistance & services


    • Analysis, architecture and documentation services
    • Change requests for existing solutions, developing new functionalities, Microsoft 365 / Azure / Power Platform infrastructure management
    • Change requests for existing robots
    • Development of new RPA flows / management of UIPath robots/infrastructure
    • Testing, debugging, acceptance support & support for launching required software modification
    Analyse and diagnose real causes of problems


    Analyse the real causes which determined the emergence of specific errors and identify context-appropriate solutions where possible;




    Suggest alternative solutions for disruptive incidents


    Suggest workarounds which eliminate the indicated problem and re-establish solution functionality;



    Escalate problems to solution creators


    If the problems identified by the client are due to software bugs (pertaining to updates, patches or service packs), the client can contact the software service operated by the creators of the software solution (where available).




    Personalised training programmes for end users




    Training end users and documenting daily operations.


    A maximum response time of 8 working hours from the time of your report

    Office Hours

    Working hours 8×5 (8 hours/day, 5 days/week, Monday-Friday, 9.00-18.00, except Bank Holidays)

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