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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
    The perfect solution for monitoring and analysis of interactions with potential customers and conversions. The ideal aid for improving sales team performance is based on real data.
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    About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a sales management system designed to help you gain an overview of customers and critical sales processes. The system provides your sales team with the necessary tools to maximize the potential of sales opportunities, enhance productivity, and develop existing relationships.

    The journey of a successful business

    Track the entire journey of customers in the sales-purchase process and extract the essential information that helped you close deals. Microsoft Dynamics 365 assists you in the management process, from lead generation to post-sales relationship management.

    Use of artificial intelligence

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales' artificial intelligence models help you identify the factors that led to your business's success and implement sales strategies that have proven effective over the years. Additionally, they help you analyze relationships with key partners to identify new sales opportunities.

    Fast knowledge transfer

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales allows flexibility in structuring your sales team and supports colleagues who have recently joined the team. The integration process becomes much easier when customer information is stored centrally, allowing you to see the important points in the customer relationship track record quickly and easily.

    What can be automatized?

    Lead Qualificaction

    The system automatically records and qualifies potential clients. Therefore, you can see which leads need to be prioritized and act quickly to capitalize on them.

    Daily Sales Agenda

    A modern sales agenda that sends notifications regarding daily activities to help the sales team optimize their activities. It provides visibility over team agendas to help balance the available human resources.

    Product catalogue

    You can manage the catalogue of offered products and services to store current or historical information about prices, discounts, and client-specific offers, sales packages, and use them in the automatic generation of quotes or invoices.

    Sales Strategies

    The system analyzes large volumes of data, uses artificial intelligence to detect common patterns, and suggests actions that have proven effective for closing deals in the past.

    Fast and simple implementation

    Stadler & Partners offers complete implementation services for Microsoft 365 Sales in the IT ecosystem of your company: initial configuration, adaptation to specific sales processes and integration with already existing systems.

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    Dynamics 365 Sales App Suite

    Advanced functionalities

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    Sales Insights

    With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, you can easily identify customer needs and grow your business. You can analyze information about products and competitors obtained from mentions in interactions and emails.

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    Relationship analysis

    Relationship analysis uses the records of an activity performed by a sales agent with a contact or account and calculates KPIs based on their interactions. The KPIs are available in different sections of the application, such as contact, account, opportunity, and lead.

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    Mobile Application

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales also benefits from a mobile application, optimized for field sales agents, helping them make the most of their time on the road to client meetings. It allows them to view data from anywhere, and to quickly enter and obtain information about clients.

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    Sales Copilot

    Sales agents can input, view, and update client data directly from the applications they use daily. The Outlook add-on and Teams application feature generative artificial intelligence, which generates minutes meetings based on recording and the generation of future actions for sending emails.

    Frequently asked questions

    dynamics 365 sales on mackbook pro
    Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales the same system as Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

    Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales includes all the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is a much more comprehensive and scalable solution. In 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was replaced by Microsoft Dynamics 365.


    The previously separate Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions were then unified into a single cloud-based platform, Dynamics 365, which includes business applications dedicated to each department (Sales, Marketing, Finance)

    What kind of organizations can implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is suitable for a wide range of organizations from different sectors.


    It can be used by any small, medium, or large company with a sales department that wants to manage different customer relationships, improve sales processes, and collaborate between different departments.


    The most suitable industries to implement such a system are manufacturing, logistics and transportation, healthcare, retail and many others.

    Sales Professional or Sales Enterprise?

    Sales Enterprise and Sales Professional are types of licenses that cover diverse needs.


    Sales Professional contains only the main sales functions and is therefore suitable for organizations with less complex processes. The customization possibilities are also reduced. We can state that Sales Professional is an entry-level solution for organizations with a smaller digitalization budget.


    Sales Enterprise meets the needs of more complex organizations with many users and numerous sales processes. Sales Enterprise allows system customization without any limitations and the creation of a system 100% adapted to the needs of the organization.

    Is there a minimum or maximum number of licenses that can be purchased?

    Both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise have no limitations regarding the number of licenses. The implementation can start from a minimum number of users and can be scaled to the ideal size of your organization.


    Although there is a minimum number of licenses, when purchasing 10 Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licenses, you will receive a package of free 2000 responses per month for surveys generated with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

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