Digital Workspace in the Fast Lane

Accelerate your company digitalization: how to implement a paperless cloud-based office environment, starting with 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Know the Actual Situation

The first step would be to organize a Workshop to understand where the client company is (how are the IT tools and technologies used within the company) and what are its main goals on a mid-term with regards to digitalization.

Step 2: Define the Next Steps

At the end of this workshop Stadler & Partners will draft a document covering the following topics:

  • The list of IT tools / software / hardware used by the client company
  • How are these tools used in the day-by-day activities?
  • What would be the critical points where improvements would have the highest impact?
  • What type of managed service suits the company?
  • How to implement the “improvements”, define clear next steps

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