Collaboration Managed Service

The Collaboration Managed Service consists of a bundle of products, proactive and reactive services which have been designed for a purpose: to aid the companies in their digital transformation journey and to facilitate the mobile workforce, by increasing the adoption of the Microsoft based collaboration tools (SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Teams) which in most of the cases are already owned by the client company.

Currently the service can use the following platforms as starting point:

  • On-Premise SharePoint (ideally 2019 or 2016, older versions could be also supported with some limitations)
  • Office 365 (SharePoint, MS Teams, Flow, Power Apps)
  • Basic

    Includes the following services:
    • Initial environment configuration

    • Users administration / permissions / password resets

    • Licensing cost control monitoring

    • SharePoint / MS Teams / Office 365 platform administration tasks (site creation, SharePoint group creation, permission allocations, portal content editing, performance monitoring)

    • End user training / support

    • The SharePoint based intranet portal (5 areas: search based home page, about the company, collaboration hub, IT section, news & events)
  • Standard

    All the Basic features and:
    • SharePoint / MS Teams / Office 365 no-code customization (*)

    • Security advisory for the On-Premise version

    • Monthly internal newsletters to ensure end-user adoption

    • Business apps for the Intranet portal (3 business apps, IT knowledge-base)

  • Premium

    All the Standard features and:
    • Extras for the SharePoint based intranet portal:
      • Custom Branding – implement the custom company theme
      • Multi language support

    • Workshops for new feature adoption

    • SharePoint / MS Teams custom developed apps, including custom code development (limited to 40 hours / month)

    • Move the on-premise SharePoint to cloud, upgrading on-premise versions

Customer Advantages & Benefits

Accelerated workspace digitalization

The client company gets the missing “know-how” and tools to aid its digital journey


Implement a pre-defined collaboration portal and a collection of apps / tools which can be fully customized based on the client company business needs

Addoption and Training

End-users training to assure platform adoption (workshops, class training sessions, support and coaching)

Paperless environment

Answers to the main question of digitalization: how the company replaces all the "paper-based" work and business processes with digital systems, automated business flows and rich mobile apps? The long-term goal: work from everywhere in a paperless cloud-based environment


Outsource all the Collaboration Managed Service related tasks (to provide flexibility and a competitive cost advantage)

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